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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
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2020 GPVWC Superleague

British Grand Prix

Silverstone Circuit - 52 laps
5,891 metres


Event Date18/06/2020
Event Start Time19:00:00
Qualifying Time19:30:00
Warm-Up Time19:50:00
Race Start Time20:00:00

No broadcast information available.

For this event we will be using real-time weather based on live weather at the track location, with temperatures adjusted to match daytime values where necessary. Weather data from Weather Underground.

Server Info

General Practice Server
Available all week.

Server NameGPVWC Career Ladder
Server Passwordgpvwc

Official Test Server
Available from 19:00 UK on the night of the event.

Server NameGPVWC Superleague Test R##
Server Passwordgpvwc

Official Race Server
Available from 19:00 UK on the night of the event.

Server NameGPVWC Superleague Round ##
Server Passwordgpvwc

Audio & Chat
Available 24/7 on all devices.

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Outstanding Penalties

  • Jos Araneda - back-of-the-grid demotion. (id: 5524)
  • Jarl Teien - 10-slot grid demotion. (id: 5572)
  • Johan Lindberg - 10-slot grid demotion. (id: 5579)
  • George Sutton - 5-slot grid demotion. (id: 5683)
  • Cian White - 10-slot grid demotion. (id: 6596)
  • Tom Parker - 10-slot grid demotion. (id: 6769)
  • Cristian Pasqual - 10-slot grid demotion. (id: 6922)
  • Daniel Brewer - 10-slot grid demotion. (id: 6966)

Drivers' Briefing

Prior to participation in any event, we strongly recommend that you take the time to read both the official regulations and this briefing. The information contained in this briefing supersede the Regulations in case of conflict, as all exceptions and race-specific norms are included in the Briefing only.

Event Schedule

Free Practice: 30 minutes, 19:00 UK - Race Drivers only. No RD or eRD gain.
Official Test: 30 Minutes, 19:10 UK - For RD, eRD Points Earning. Max of one driver per team.
Qualifying: 15 minutes, 19:30 UK
Warm-Up / Break: Up to 10 minutes, 19:50 UK
Race: 20:00 UK - 305km distance, Maximum duration 2hrs.

Server Settings

Allowed Driver Aids: Auto Clutch
Flag rules: Black only
Real Road Preset: LightRubber for practice, then Naturally Progressing
Real Road Time-scale: x2
Fuel Usage: Normal
Tyre Wear: Normal
Mechanical Failures: Normal
Damage: 100%
Time acceleration: x1
Simulated Session times: See forum


Live Weather - Weather conditions will be set by realtime data from our weather providers based on the track location.
Air & track temperatures will be adjusted to approximately match those recorded/predicted at simulated session times on the day of the event. Rain strength will be capped at a maximum of 60%.

General Official Session Rules

1. Only Drivers who have a valid licence and team contract will be allowed to compete in official sessions. Temporary exemptions may however be granted by the GPVWC Administration under limited circumstances.

2. Drivers are expected to be adequately prepared for each event. This includes being familiar with the car and track as well as having suitable graphics and connection settings for your machine.

3. Drivers must not intentionally crash into other competitors or perform any other dangerous, unrealistic or disrespectful manoeuvre during or after the completion of any official session. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action irrespective of whether the manoeuvre was caught on broadcast or not.

4. Drivers must keep two wheels on the racing surface at all times. The racing surface is defined as the area within and including the white lines at the edge of the track (or similar device). Where kerbs are present they are also considered to be part of the racing surface. Track-specific clarifications and exceptions will be posted in the forum before each event.

5. Deliberate and/or excessive contact with walls or similar devices to gain an advantage is not permitted.

6. Pushing other vehicles or bump drafting are not allowed at any time during official sessions.

7. The in-Game chat must NOT be used during the Qualification and Race sessions. Only private whisper messages are allowed during these sessions - to use this the format is /w [drivername] [yourmessage]. Drivers breaching this rule will receive a penalty post-race.

8. Spectators are allowed in official sessions at the discretion of the Race Director and may be asked to leave in the event of server issues. Teams who wish to have a spotter present are requested to limit themselves to one spotter per team.

9. Drivers must maintain a polite tone in the server chat at all times. Any behaviour that breaches the GPVWC Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.


1. Qualifying will be be in a single session and Drivers are allowed to run an unlimited number of laps.

2. Drivers leaving the pits at the start of the session must wait in line for the green light at the pit exit.

3. During qualifying the ESC button must not be used to return to the garage unless the car is inside the pit lane speed zone. If the ESC button is used outside the pit lane speed zone (for any reason) then the Driver is not permitted to leave the pit lane again for the remainder of the session.

4. The cars will be on a situation of Parc Ferme between Qualifying and Race, with only limited changes permitted such as starting fuel, fuel strategy, brake bias, minor engine settings and front wing adjustments allowed.

5. Drivers who wish to break Parc Ferme must notify the Race Director and will be required to start the race from the pitlane.

6. Drivers may request to have one or more laptimes discounted by the Race Director at the end of the qualifying session.

7. Any outstanding grid penalties (including those from the previous season) will be applied to the grid order during warmup.

Formation Lap

1. All Drivers are required to pay adequate attention during the formation lap to avoid collisions, including maintaining a safe gap to the cars in front.

2. Drivers spinning on the formation lap are advised to allow all the entire field to pass before rejoining and only attempt to retake their original position where safe to do so.

3. Drivers who suffer severe damage their car during formation lap are required to press ESC to return to the pits. They will be then allowed to start from the pitlane.

4. Drivers who have either chosen to break Parc Ferme or who were not present in the practice or qualifying sessions must start from the pitlane.


1. All Drivers are requested to pay extra care in the opening stages of the race. Reckless driving leading to crashes in the first laps will be considered an aggravating circumstance by the Disciplinary Committee when deciding penalties.

2. All Drivers must use appropriate caution in yellow flag zones. Causing a collision in a yellow flag zone will be considered an aggravating circumstance by the the Disciplinary Committee when deciding penalties.

3. Drivers being lapped must respect the blue flags and allow lapping cars to pass in a safe manner as soon as possible.

4. If a Driver should gain an advantage and/or position by running outside track limits, they are required to give up the advantage and/or give back positions in a safe manner as soon as possible.

5. Drivers who spin or go off-track must take maximum care upon re-joining the track. Drivers should only re-join if it is safe to do so, that is, if no other car is approaching that section of track.

6. When entering or exiting the pit lane, drivers are to remain within the area marked by a white line (or similar device). Failure to do so, by means of crossing the marked lines by at least one tyre, will result in a penalty.

7. During pitstops only one vehicle from each team can be serviced at once, with the second vehicle waiting in line behind the first until they leave the pitbox.

8. The 10 fastest Drivers in qualifying (regardless of subsequent penalties or dropped times) must start the race on the same tyre compound they used for their fastest qualifying lap, except where the Driver switches to Intermediate or Wet compounds for the race start. If only Intermediate/Wet tyres were used then any choice of start compound will be available.

9. Drivers must use a minimum of 2 compounds of dry tyre during a race, unless the Intermediate or Wet tyre is used at any point (either of these being used will nullify the requirement to run two dry compounds).

10. DRS may only be used during the race when the Driver is within 1 second of the car in front at the detection point. Using DRS when not permissible will result in a penalty.

11. A session will only be red flagged in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Race Director.

12. Drivers who believe they are at fault for an in-race incident can take some voluntary steps to self-inflict a penalty. This will result in a much-reduced or completely cleared penalty in post-race scrutineering, at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee. Drivers can opt to hand any unfairly gained position back (so long as it is done safely), take a self-serving drive-through or self-serving stop&go in order to clear themselves.

13. Drivers who unfairly receive a penalty from the game itself may whisper the Race Director to request its removal. Any penalty removed during the race will be reviewed after the race and may be subject to post-race penalties. Note that penalties for pit-line rule breaches will not be removed.

14. Any Driver who is driving a vehicle in an extremely dangerous condition, suffering severe connection issues or otherwise is breaching expected standards of behaviour may be asked to park by the Race Director. Failure to comply will result in the Driver being kicked from the server.


1. All driving standard requirements still apply after individual Drivers have finished their race.

2. Drivers must not crash deliberately after crossing the finish line or on their cool down lap.

3. After finishing the race, all Drivers are required to at minimum drive beyond the first corner before pressing ESC back to the garage.

4. Chat may be resumed only after all drivers have finished the race. This will usually be signified by the Race Director congratulating the winning Driver.


1. Protests may be submitted via the Disciplinary Proceedings page of your login area on the GPVWC website.

2. The protest window opens once the results are processed post-race and closes 48 hours after the event.

3. Protests via Private Message to the GPVWC Administration will be only be accepted where technical issues with the website have been experienced.

4. All protests should include a clear description plus the session and timestamp of the incident. Failure to do so may lead to a protest being dismissed.

5. Incidents on the first lap of each race will automatically be reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee. Individual protests of these incidents are still permitted however.

Event History

British Grand Prix - Previous Winners

DateWinnerTeam VenueTimeFastest Lap
2019-07-04Fabio SixtaRed Archer-ValiantRSilverstone Circuit01:17:53.38401:27.611
2018-06-21Alex SiebelAbruzzi-ValiantRSilverstone Circuit01:18:07.10001:27.618
2017-06-15Florian GeierNordsjoen-MartexRSilverstone Circuit01:24:59.09501:34.388
2016-06-02Emanuel GaczellaStorm-ValiantRSilverstone Circuit01:26:19.54301:36.999
2015-06-04Philipp PuschkeAbruzzi-ValiantRSilverstone Circuit01:21:46.27701:28.080
2014-06-19David FidockCSG-PotentiaRSilverstone Circuit01:20:13.22101:27.205
2013-07-04Ruud HeesterbeekNijo-TrinityRSilverstone Circuit01:18:02.48801:27.239
2012-07-12Lukas EulerMidnight-FerrariRSilverstone Circuit01:18:59.13601:28.769
2011-06-16Joe ConsiglioNordsjoen-MercedesRSilverstone Circuit01:19:49.73601:30.200
2010-06-03Janne TanskanenNordsjoen-MercedesRSilverstone Circuit01:21:10.58901:19.529
2009-05-28Dave Carr-SmithWoods-RenaultRSilverstone Circuit01:10:18.35901:22.952
2008-07-14Laurentiu AlbuBelami-RenaultRSilverstone Circuit01:41:06.46101:35.491
2007-07-13Steve ElencevskiFinOz-FerrariRSilverstone Circuit01:23:52.41001:21.902
2006-06-18Luis Fernando LaaffBracciano-BMWRSilverstone Circuit01:21:52.51601:20.064
2005-07-17Steve ElencevskiFinOz-FerrariRSilverstone Circuit01:22:08.41501:20.375
2004-07-20Philip WilliamsWoods-ToyotaRSilverstone Circuit01:20:10.51601:18.555
2003-07-21Daniel WilkinsonNordsjoen-CosworthRSilverstone Circuit01:21:58.11701:20.046
2002-07-09Pedro Daniel MiguelHernj-Roaldo-BMWRSilverstone Circuit01:39:06.63501:31.744
2000-11-20Jason EndeanBA Racing-MercedesRSilverstone Circuit41:46.08801:21.262


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