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Current Season:

  • Superleague: 2024
  • SuperLights: 2024
  • Formula Sprint 1: 2024
  • Formula Sprint 2: 2024

Recent Seasons:

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About GPVWC Wiki


This wiki hosts information relating to the Grand Prix Virtual World Championship (GPVWC), a major simracing organization which runs a wide selection of virtual motorsport competitions. Founded in 2000, the league has constantly evolved since it's inception, at first offering cutting edge offline racing experience, which was then followed by a new era of online racing using the rFactor platform. The league offers competitors our unique team management and car development system, as well as great racing with a friendly and welcoming community.

For more information please check out the GPVWC website and our Beginners Guide.

Upcoming Events

Below is a list of GPVWC events scheduled for the coming weeks:
Date Series Event
4th February Superleague   Preseason Test #1
9th February Superleague Lights   Preseason Test #1
11th February Superleague   Preseason Test #2
16th February Supercup   Preseason Test #1
18th February Superleague   Preseason Test #3
25th February Superleague   Preseason Test #4

GPVWC Wiki News

Some of the latest developments on our wiki:
  • Wiki pages have been created and are in the continual process of being updated for all currently ongoing 2021 season series.

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