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Masters Series News edit


  • The 2013 Masters Series season was a season which counted 6 raceweekends of 3 thrilling races. The season maybe was raced in the United States were 4 of the 6 rounds of the championship were held. the season had races at Mills Metropark, Lime Rock, Mid Ohio, Sebring but also had a round in the UK at Croft and Symmons Plains.  
  • The 2013 season concluded at Symmons Plains were Shaun Stroud took the Drivers' title after a succesful campain thoughout the season
  • About Masters Series edit
    The GPVWC's main winter series, the Masters Series is our annual Touring Car series and provides equal cars, large grids and very close racing action. For the 2013 season the Masters Series did make the switch using Rfactor 2. Renault Mégane Coupé Cars have been used for the 2013 season.
    Latest Standings edit
    Standings after the 2012 Monza Masters (Rounds 1 - 3):

    Drivers' Championship standings
    Pos Driver Points
    1 Flag of England.png Dave Carr-Smith 69
    2 Flag of Norway.png Erik Tveit 67
    3 Flag of Germany.png Martin Schumacher 46
    4 Flag of England.png Scott Bennett 46
    5 Flag of England.png Lee Morris 37

    Constructors' Championship standings
    Pos Constructor Points
    1 Flag of France.png Tiger Express Motorsports 94
    2 Flag of England.png Halcyon Racing 73
    3 Flag of Estonia.png Innervision 72
    4 Flag of Australia.png SimInk Motorsport 57
    5 Flag of England.png Revolution Motorsport 51

    Selected image edit


    close racing in the 2013 Masters series

    Photo credit: GPVWC
    Upcoming Events edit
    Date Round Event
    Flag placeholder 22px.png
    Flag placeholder 22px.png
    Flag placeholder 22px.png
    Flag placeholder 22px.png
    Flag placeholder 22px.png
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