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World Sport Series News edit

World Sport Series 2014

  • The 2014 World Sport Series season has come to its conclusion at Monza.  
  • Smile Power Racing has won the 2014 World Sport Series season Teams' Championship! After taking the lead away from its competition at the series opener at Bahrain, Smile have held on tight and never let go. Though a 'domination' of the race to the title is true in one sense, they did face a few scares from two teams who kept the fight alive all the way to the end; Ice Cold Racing and Edonis Engineering.  
  • Jesper Taulborg has won the 2014 World Sport Series season Drivers' Championship! The Dane faced tough pressure with five other rivals still in with a chance of taking it however his impressive consistency paid off to crown him the first driver in GPVWC history to take a championship without a single race win.
  • About World Sport Series edit
    The GPVWC World Sport Series is an established series at the league which contains two shorts race following a 'superpole' qualifying session. As of 2014, the series has used the EnduRacers Flat6 mod, succeeding the PCC mod which had been in use since the birth of the series in 2012. It runs in tandem with the Career Ladder on every other Wednesday that the Career Ladder isn't on. Due to the shorter length of the calender however, this series does not last the entirety of the GPVWC calender year.

    The series is aimed primarily at drivers who enjoy making the difference themselves. The setup is limited and weight penalties provide a challenge to championship leaders and one round stars alike. The tin top element also allows for more rugged racing with other competitors in comparison to the careful precision of the formula cars.

    Latest Standings edit
    After Round 10/10

    Drivers' Championship standings
    Pos Driver Points
    1 Flag of Denmark.png Jesper Taulborg 212
    2 Flag of Switzerland.png David Jundt 208
    3 Flag of the United States of America.png Sven de Vries 200
    4 Flag of the Netherlands.png Ruud Heesterbeek 195
    5 Flag of Sweden.png Eric Stranne 182

    Teams' Championship standings
    Pos Team Points
    1 Flag of England.png Smile Power Racing 420
    2 Flag of Norway.png Ice Cold Racing 410
    3 Flag of the Netherlands.png Edonis Engineering 395
    4 Flag of England.png Midnight Motorsport 287
    5 Flag of Belgium (civil).png Wauters Automotive 254

    Selected Image edit


    The 2014 World Sport Series season Drivers' Champion; Jesper Taulborg

    Photo credit: Aurora Designs
    Upcoming Events edit
    Date Round Event
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