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Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace. 22 October 2019
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Nationality: Finland
Team Owner: Mikael Tuomaala
Headquarters: Finland

Current Position: 8th (103 pts)

» Mikael Tuomaala (Emergency)
» Luke Maguire (Primary)
» Matthew Clipp (Primary)
» Callum Roberts (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Philipp Konig
Commercial Manager: Enrique Pataryk
Chief Mechanic: Paul Mifsud

Draig Racing

#24 - #40

Nationality: Wales
Team Owner: Ben Willis
Headquarters: Wales

Current Position: 11th (68 pts)

» Matt Richards (Primary)
» Cas Rietveld (Primary)
» Ben Willis (Reserve)


Chief Mechanic: Ethan Burton

Commercial Manager: Rhys Davies

Chief Designer: Peter Rhijnberg

Nationality: Netherlands
Team Owner: Dethan Rootring
Headquarters: Netherlands

Current Position: 3rd (245 pts)

» Matteo Keersmaekers (Emergency)
» Laurent Keersmaekers (Primary)
» Bastian Paisler (Primary)
» Gerrit de Vries (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Rasmus Rebane
Commercial Manager: Henning Roth
Chief Mechanic: Armando Magalhanes

Nationality: Japan
Team Owner: Joshua Anderson
Headquarters: England

Current Position: 2nd (287 pts)

» Lewis Bickers (Emergency)
» Mike Bell (Primary)
» Lukas Schmidt (Primary)
» April Carlsvard (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Andreas Rønningstad
Commercial Manager: Giorgi Pakarnadze
Chief Mechanic: Umit Darkan

Nationality: England
Team Owner: David Fidock
Headquarters: England

Current Position: 1st (346 pts)

» Matthew Williams (Primary)
» Chris Butcher (Primary)
» David Jundt (Reserve)


Commercial Manager: Erik Mahler

Chief Designer: Helmut Koelliker
Chief Mechanic: Eleftherios Giannopulous

STAX Racing

#36 - #37

Nationality: Canada
Team Owner: Christian Zoerner
Headquarters: Canada

Current Position: 12th (63 pts)

» Terence Grech (Emergency)
» Johan Lindberg (Primary)
» Chris Shepherd (Primary)
» Patryk Roszak (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Max Fisher
Commercial Manager: Dominik Kohl
Chief Mechanic: Matthew White

Nationality: Austria
Team Owner: Liam de Waal
Headquarters: Austria

Current Position: 9th (93 pts)

» Giuseppe Saracino (Emergency)
» Rauno Muru (Primary)
» Arjan van Putten (Reserve)


Chief Mechanic: Robin Hupp

Chief Designer: Marcus O'Donnell
Commercial Manager: Riley McDowell

Nationality: England
Team Owner: Matthew Clipp
Headquarters: England

Current Position: 10th (84 pts)

» James Early (Primary)
» Thomas Andriamiharisoa (Primary)
» Tomi Ylitalo (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Nicholas Davenport
Chief Mechanic: Jacques Van Alleghem

Commercial Manager: Nicola Ashley

TTF Racing

#41 - #99

Nationality: England
Team Owner: Tyrone Frith
Headquarters: England

Current Position: 14th (36 pts)

» Ben Horrill (Primary)
» Pedro Moura (Primary)
» George Whitehouse (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Jan Matijevic
Chief Mechanic: Herman Venegas

Commercial Manager: Nicholas Rummenkamp
Nationality: Netherlands
Team Owner: Wopke Hoekstra
Headquarters: Netherlands

Current Position: 13th (60 pts)

» Ivan Leonov (Primary)
» Tomasz Wach (Primary)
» Mark Fuller (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Frede Sørensen
Commercial Manager: Henk van Oosterom
Chief Mechanic: Andrei Pavlyuchenko

Nationality: Mexico
Team Owner: Michael Teichmann
Headquarters: Mexico

Current Position: 4th (229 pts)

» Marcin Rybaczuk (Primary)
» Martin Gosbee (Primary)
» Haydn Rhodes (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Logan Doyne
Commercial Manager: Ernesto Mestos
Chief Mechanic: James Holden

Nationality: England
Team Owner: Jack Mayor
Headquarters: England

Current Position: 7th (111 pts)

» Jack Mayor (Primary)
» Heigo Poom (Primary)


Chief Designer: Pierre Arbraux
Commercial Manager: Martin Perkkonen
Chief Mechanic: Tyrone Jackson

Nationality: England
Team Owner: Alex Skinner
Headquarters: England

Current Position: 5th (196 pts)

» Mark Hutchinson (Primary)
» Cian White (Primary)
» Cameron Rodger (Reserve)


Chief Designer: Matthias Schonefeld
Commercial Manager: Gaston Machado
Chief Mechanic: Angela Powell

Netrex GP

#47 - #92

Nationality: Italy
Team Owner: Danny van der Niet
Headquarters: Italy

Current Position: 6th (143 pts)

» Danny van der Niet (Primary)
» Jukkapekka Lalu (Primary)
» Daniele Brambilla (Reserve)


Commercial Manager: Igor Kasalev
Chief Mechanic: Mariia Luskaite

Chief Designer: Pavel Sempek

Nationality: United States of America
Team Owner: Matt Strand
Headquarters: United States of America

Current Position: 15th (36 pts)

» Danny Robbins (Emergency)
» Tom Parker (Primary)
» Mike Kwint (Primary)
» Ryan Nash (Reserve)


Chief Mechanic: Jens Foerster

Chief Designer: John Pitt
Commercial Manager: Joao Figueira

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