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Formula Challenge News edit

Challenge Austrian Grand Prix

  • A return of crash-happy starts and the introduction of a crash-happy rF_Scan causes headaches for drivers and admin alike at Round 5 in Spain. Emanuel Gaczella takes his customary pole and Race 1 victory, while Jeremy Allen mirrors his teammate's achievement at Hungary and wins Race 2 from pole. With Ari Nieminen still absent, Gaczella is marching away with the championship.  
  • Round 4 in Hungary sees 27 post-race penalties handed out after Race 1 and a further 16 after Race 2; most are time penalties relating to drivers repeatedly exceeding the confines of the track. Original Race 1 winner Danny Asbury is demoted and the win given to Emanuel Gaczella. Patrick Fogel wins Race 2 from pole. The new launch control sees a considerable improvement to the race starts, though overall attrition is still high. Gaczella suffers a relatively-scruffy round; despite inheriting the Race 1 win, he is demoted in Race 2; however, as the only top-3 driver present, Gaczella extends his lead in the championship considerably.  
  • In light of controversy surrounding startline accidents, the GPVWC introduces new regulations dictating the mandatory use of launch control at race starts. Further changes include the introduction of a randomised starting order for the first 15-20 cars in race two.  
  • Round 3 in Austria, and fears of a huge and embarrassing accident at the first corner are thankfully allayed, when the huge and embarrassing accident instead happens on the start line. Again. Oscar Hardwick proves the surprise package, in the inaptly-named BackMarker Brigade, dominating qualifying and the first race. A disastrous second race for Ari Nieminen sees main rival, and Race 2 winner, Emanuel Gaczella shoot into the lead of the championship by 23 points. Top 3 drivers now 40 points clear of the rest of the field.  
  • The 2013 Formula Challenge mod is revealed to be based on Formula 2 and both the trackpack and mod are now available via simsync.
  • About Formula Challenge edit
    Formula Challenge is the GPVWC's new entry-level championship and runs on Tuesdays in the same week as the Supercup and Superleague. It is a single-chassis, single-engine series and for 2013 features light and fun machines based on the now-defunct Formula 2 series. Beginning in 2013, Formula Challenge will race on the same tracks as used in the Superleague and Supercup.
    Latest Standings edit
    After Round 18/18 (official)

    Drivers' Championship standings
    Pos Driver Points
    1 Flag of Romania.png Emanuel Gaczella 530
    2 Flag of England.png David Fidock 437
    3 Flag of the Netherlands.png Douwe Tapper 312
    4 Flag of Finland.png Oskari Kantonen 240
    5 Flag of Finland.png Ari Nieminen 239

    Constructors' Championship standings
    Pos Constructor Points
    1 Flag of Australia.png SimInk Motorsport 812
    2 Flag of Romania.png Storm Racing Team 679
    3 Flag of the Netherlands.png Edonis Engineering 435
    4 Flag of Finland.png Tanskanen Racing FC 390
    5 Flag of Finland.png Karjala Racing 359

    Selected image edit

    Formula Challenge R1 Japan 2013.JPG

    The 2013 Formula Challenge at Suzuka race gets under way.

    Photo credit: GPVWC
    Upcoming Events edit
    Date Round Event
    Flag placeholder 22px.png
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    Current Teams

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