December 04, 2018
Published on tags: GPVWC Awards General


The best of the season that just ended, as chosen by their peers, have been honoured at the GPVWC Day in Silverstone.
As tradition, GPVWC Day, held this year in Silverstone at the Racing Point Force India Headquarters, was the occasion for the GPVWC Awards to be presented.

As in recent years, the award winners were chosen by a jury of their own peers - namely, the team managers of each series.


Best Driver - Alex Siebel
Best Rookie - Ricardo Costa
Best of the Rest - David Fidock
Most Improved Driver - Liam de Waal
Best Team - ACR Zakspeed
Best New Team - Epic Racing Team
Best Livery - Hawkeye Racing (by Ric Scott)


Best Driver - Stephane Rouault
Best Rookie - Sebastian Kosmala
Best of the Rest - Bastian Paisler
Most Improved Driver - Johan Lindberg
Best Team - Scuderia Basilea
Best New Team - THUnderdog
Best Livery - Draig Racing (by Doug Hilliard)

Formula Challenge

Best Driver - Chris Shepherd
Best of the Rest - Sandeep Chodha
Most Improved Driver - Matthew Beavis
Best Team - Red Arrow Racing
Best Livery - STAX Racing (by Christian Zoerner)