February 21, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
It was meant to be a fight to the last hundredth of second, and indeed it turned out to be one. As the GPVWC came to Zolder for its second pre-season test, observers might have been surprised to know there was no other prize at stake than glory, such was the commitment and determination of drivers to end the day on top of the timesheets.

In the end, guest driver Dave Carr-Smith, in a one-off appearance with GPVWC (although rumours surrounding him signing a contract before the start of the season abound), topped the charts by setting a time of 1:10.647, marginally faster than rival Adam Rouse, who powered his Nordsjoen to a time of 1:10.881.

The test in Zolder represented the first occasion in which the 12 GPVWC teams took the track with their own machinery - and this meant a first glimpse of what the values on the grid will be. The surprise of the day was the newly uncovered Evans Blue Racing, whose drivers Jyri Lylykorpi and Janne Tanskanen occupied 3rd and 6th respectively. Between them, Nordsjoen's tester Joe Consiglio and Platform Michelangelo's Jero Jansen also set very competitive times.

Further down the timesheets, Dave Candie showed the potential of the new R4 Engineering car - one of the few teams still looking for drivers - and Woods Racing had a solid showing with the competent Ryan McConkey and Mark Wicks, whose brief appearance was enough to record a decent time. The day marked also the first appearance of the latest entry in the league, D.O.R., which replaced the Team Edge Radio outfit - the New Zealand team having to pull out after failing to secure enough sponsorship to start the new season.

Full results for the session are available HERE.