April 17, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The start of the 2009 season has been a tense affair for Platform Michelangelo: the Spanish team, three races into the Championship, still hasn't collected any points and has failed to see the chequered flag in both Shanghai and Suzuka (after not taking part in Melbourne).

Team leader Michelangelo Manrique, however, looks positively at the future for the team, and points out at some deep-level changes that will affect the outfit from the next race. "We have the potential to be in higher positions, getting points but now we are at best at the back of the pack; but some changes, and improvements coming through development will make our situation way better soon".

A striking point in the renovation going on at PM is the departure of Jeroen Jansen from the team, materialised last night after the Dutch driver retired on the grid of the Suzuka GP. The resolution of Jansen contract, according to an inside member of the team, has happened "on very amicable terms", with team and driver remaining in a very good relationship.

"We thank Jeroen for all the work he has done in this and the previous season," said Manrique, "and we wish him the best in his future endeavours." The hunt is now open for a new driver, with Platform Michelangelo, sporting one of the best engines on the grid, reportedly in touch with some top-level individuals and looking to bolster the chances of the already contracted drivers Manrique and Marques.