June 08, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The GPVWC is looking for committed, enthusiastic individuals to take up the role of Race Director, joining existing RD Ollie Woods during the GPVWC Superleague events. RD's will control the race proceedings during race events and will have the power to restart the race in case of First Lap problems, issue penalties for misbehaviour and have control over all aspects of the GPVWC's online racing.

Following our philosophy to bring you the best possible racing experience, GPVWC aim to have an efficient squad of 4-5 Race Directors to ensure that:

1. there are always at least two Race Directors during official events, covering for possible absences,

2. important decisions, track control and drivers management can be performed efficiently by more than a person.

Race Directors CAN be existing Managers; furthermore, Drivers are encouraged to apply and learn the Server commands too - so that they can help out in the unlucky event of an early retirement. The GPVWC is currently producing a handy, printable guide with all the Server Commands, their use and explaination to make sure everyone is aware of the procedures to use in case of requirement.

The job of RD is one of the most important in the League - it ensures clean, efficient racing; however, it is NOT as demanding or difficult as it seems.

In order to express your interest, please send an email to admin@gpvwc.com - we are aiming to have a set of RD's ready for the Czech Grand Prix.