October 06, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Platform Michelangelo faces driver issues in the run up to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. New signing Daniel Bolman is set to take his place in the number 8 car, but doubts are growing regarding Kieran Ryan's participation to the race. The Irishman is rumoured to be in doubt due to some personal reasons that might force him away on Thursday.

"Kieran must sort some personal and important things and we were notified about the possibility of Kieran's unavailability for Monza's qualifying and race" said team owner Michelangelo Manrique.

"Due to these circumstances, I will be ready in case Kieran is unable to do the event. It is hard to be back onboard the Superleague car after some weeks without testing it. What i can say -in case i am required to do the event- is that will be hard but enjoyable to be back racing in the championship."

It is understood the team will only get confirmation about Kieran's availability in the immediate minutes before qualifying. Manrique will take part in Free Practice, ready to take over from Ryan should the talented Irishman not make the race.