November 27, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
CEO and Manager of Superleague outfit OZ Racing Richard Bayes told the media today he'll keep a good eye on this winter's Megane Trophy. "New and upcoming drivers will be showcasing their talents which can be observed for the new Superleague season ahead of us." commented the Australian team boss.

OZ Racing has spoken to drivers around the paddock but no advancements on finding drivers for the upcoming season have been made as of yet. Development of the OZ Racing OZ.10 car for 2010 Superleague debutants, on the other hand, is ahead of schedule with work being carried out in the OZ Racing head office in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

Rumours abound on the newest team in the Superleague, with one sponsor reportedly interested in a partnership with OZ. A local Staffordshire business has been linked to a possible deal but either party will neither deny or confirm the outcome, leaving media waiting for any official announcement.

The winter months, however, are not just a time for planning for Richard Bayes, who is taking part in the Megane Trophy teaming up with 2009 Constant Racing team mate William Ponissi, along with new entrant Scott Bennett.