December 29, 2009
Published on tags: General
The talk focus to the direction the GPVWC would take for the coming new year. Important announcements and improvements regarding coding/sporting side have been made: 1) Coding:

Control version: To keep control about the code allowing developers to work properly, server has been updated with svn structure, making it accessible for developers to work via trunk, branches, subproject folders and check code online in real time. However, a small php application is required to provide a GUI. RDBMS: Old database system was upgraded to Relational Database Model System. Code could use different values from different databases and operate with those values. That solves the problem of having a single and messy database. According with both above, code was upgraded entirely to relative paths. Now developers could check code online in real time, making also links, operators and actions linkable. Common vs Non-Common Clusters: Mich proposes to change clusters if we notice code is making new release loading slow. This is still an open topic. IE Bugs: The biggest problem with new release. Some bugs with Internet Explorer are delaying things. To fix that asap is the most important task right now. Documentation/Wiki: Mich is providing of documentation -wiki style- with complete info about all the GPVWC code. Will help new developers to understand functions, modules, libraries, etc. Some topics are opened here. Like other wikis, should we allow edit per article? allow users to edit? or only developers? 2) Racing. Features:

R&D: We need an exclusive meeting to re-open the r&d issues to sort open topics. Variables, way to use r&d, involving r&d points + price list? schedule to release upgrades, after/before events? Feedbacks about how to improve the getting License and payment are welcomed in order to create the proper structure in monitor/login. 3) Proposals:

- Mike Phillis proposes to include something like a RSS or Twitter with real F1/Motorsport news in the new release. Even it could be an interesting idea, it is still open to discuss.

- Zac proposes to create a new phpBB forum. We have in mind to use php+mysql in the same way all gpvwc website is working but obviously help here would be appreciated. New forum structure/organization is required, that's true, but IE and Alpha 1 release must be resolved previously though.

- As part of the text above -control version- Mich says that a php application should be developed. This will allow developers to login and work in their personal projects/tasks without danger of corrupting important files or deleting other developers work.

- Mich proposes to create a Development Blog to discuss about detailed info, looking for help, posting future releases mockups, etc. However, if approved, it should be done for Alpha 2 release.

4) Call to participation:

People with knowledge of php, mysql, javascript, python, etc will be welcomed. For further details, check out the Get Involved section in the main website.